Procedure of an engraving head Sprint maintenance:
1.Engraving head input
2.Visual inspection (opening of the rubber cap, inspection of the spring bearing, if damage is visible, photos are taken and a cost estimate is made, as this is then a repair).       If the engraving head is excessively dirty and the air gaps are clogged, the engraving head will be charged in the Maintenance+ category.
 3.Incoming measurement (If the incoming measurement shows that there is damage to the armature or the damping unit, a cost estimate will be made, as it is then a repair).
4. Ferrofluid change or refill in vacuum. In the case of replacement, remove the old ferrofluid and then dry measure and refill in vacuum.
5. Continuous run for 16 hours on a continuous run station (the engraving head is run for 16 hours at full load while observing the temperature).
6. Filled measurement (test if engraving head meets the required values, if not, repeat points 8. and 9.)
7. Engraving test and adjustment of the touch memory
8. Creation of a certificate
9. Final cleaning and test sticker
10.Packing and dispatch


Procedure for engraving head B, C, CX maintenance:

1.Engraving head input
2.Visual inspection
3.Input measurement
4.Disassembly of the damping
5.Changing the O-ring
6.Mounting the cushioning
7.Output measurement
8.Engraving test
9.Cleaning the engraving head
10.Prepare for dispatch